Faux double weave on three shafts

I recently designed and wove an interesting piece for the GCOW baby wrap weaving competition. I had decided that I wanted to create a double faced piece. I was limited to a max of four shafts on my lovely old glimakra, and so I first considered a four shaft double weave. While musing on the different options available, I came up with this three shaft compound plain weave – I like to call it a faux double weave.

The middle marker was woven in a pickup technique very similar to double weave pickup. It’s a slow but extremely satisfying process!

The weave structure was designed by first thinking of a four shaft double weave with two separate layers of plain weave, then imagining what would happen if the two layers shared a common shaft. The piece was woven on an 8/2 cotton warp and using a sett of 30epi (1.5 times the plain weave sett). I figured since double weave is usually twice the warp sett of plain weave, 1.5 times was a good starting point for this more integrated structure. After sampling I was happy with the result so I stuck with that sett for the main piece. The wefts I used were silk/nettle on the light side, and merino/silk on the dark side. I have found that using a slightly thinner weft than the warp works well for this structure. Here’s the draft – if you decide to try it please do get in touch and let me know how it goes, I’d love to see!

Here’s a photo from when I was weaving up the first sample at the start of the warp. It was such a thrill to see that it was actually working!

The middle marker on the loom.

Sunshine on the shuttles! 😊

Happy Weaving!

Faux double weave on three shafts