Our new floor loom

Just a quick post to introduce our new floor loom. Her name is Pauline after the wonderful lady who sold her to us. The lady in question had finished up her weaving days due to arthritis and was selling off the contents of her weaving studio, so there were loads of extras included at a very reasonable price. We hadn’t planned on buying a floor loom but when we heard of this offer we just couldn’t resist! 

Our new loom (tech specs for those interested Glimakra standard, 120cm weaving width, 4-shaft counterbalance): 
Now the problem is we have a very small van, but this is rather a big loom. We spent ages measuring and re-measuring, on phone calls back and forth with the previous owner, and even brushing up on our old geometry skills to work out if the largest parts would fit diagonally. To show you the level of madness, here are stock photos of the loom and the van: 

Somehow we had to fit this:

Into this:

I’m not going to lie, it was quite nerve wracking! Still, off we went on our cross-country trek listening to good old nineties tunes and snacking on croissants and clove rocks. Road trip!

When we arrived at our destination hours later, it was an absolute joy to meet the previous owners. They were a retired couple who were packing up and moving to another country. While we sorted through boxes and began packing we chatted a lot and found out we had a lot in common. She was a weaver, crafter and artist, while he was an engineer – just like us! Their own kids are grown, and so they now have grandchildren to spoil. As we have our own lovely little ten month old boy, it felt strangely like looking into our future. I imagine it must have been emotional for them to be selling on the contents of the weaving studio, but they were very happy to be passing the baton to active weavers/DIYers like us!

The loom did fit in the end of course – here you can see there was only a few cm of clearance to close the doors. And that was after removing part of the van bulkhead, a lever and a few other bits and pieces. Phew! Here’s to a future of happy weaving!

Feel free to link to your own weaving blog in the comments, we love to connect with other weavers!

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Our new floor loom

3 thoughts on “Our new floor loom

    1. Súsa weaving says:

      Indeed she is! I’m in the process of warping her for the first time at the moment, going to do a baby wrap that I’m very excited about. Cork Handweavers have a demonstration tomorrow too so taking the cardboard loom along, should be fun! Hope all is well with you 😀

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