Faux double weave on three shafts

I recently designed and wove an interesting piece for the GCOW baby wrap weaving competition. I had decided that I wanted to create a double faced piece. I was limited to a max of four shafts on my lovely old glimakra, and so I first considered a four shaft double weave. While musing on the different options available, I came up with this three shaft compound plain weave – I like to call it a faux double weave.

The middle marker was woven in a pickup technique very similar to double weave pickup. It’s a slow but extremely satisfying process!

The weave structure was designed by first thinking of a four shaft double weave with two separate layers of plain weave, then imagining what would happen if the two layers shared a common shaft. The piece was woven on an 8/2 cotton warp and using a sett of 30epi (1.5 times the plain weave sett). I figured since double weave is usually twice the warp sett of plain weave, 1.5 times was a good starting point for this more integrated structure. After sampling I was happy with the result so I stuck with that sett for the main piece. The wefts I used were silk/nettle on the light side, and merino/silk on the dark side. I have found that using a slightly thinner weft than the warp works well for this structure. Here’s the draft – if you decide to try it please do get in touch and let me know how it goes, I’d love to see!

Here’s a photo from when I was weaving up the first sample at the start of the warp. It was such a thrill to see that it was actually working!

The middle marker on the loom.

Sunshine on the shuttles! 😊

Happy Weaving!

Faux double weave on three shafts

Our Etsy shop is now open! 

After a long two years of research, learning and testing, Súsa Weaving has launched as a small business! You can now buy baby wraps, scarves, cowls and other lovelies direct from our family run studio in Cork, Ireland. 


If you’d like a commission or a custom piece feel free to contact us directly at susaweaving@gmail.com 

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Our Etsy shop is now open! 

Súsa Weaving launches at Wear a Hug Fair 2016

I’m delighted to say that Súsa Weaving will be having our official launch day at Ireland’s Wear a Hug Fair this Sunday Octoner 9th! We will have a selection of wraps, cowls and bags for sale, as well as some display items from our personal collection. We will also be taking deposits for semi-custom slots on two upcoming warps. At 2pm there will be a weaving demo on my lovely little Harris four shaft table loom – should be great fun, can’t wait!

The fair is on in the Glenroyal Hotel in Maynooth, for more information visit: http://www.wearahugfair.ie
Come follow us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/susaweaving and Instagram @susaweaving

Súsa Weaving launches at Wear a Hug Fair 2016

“Hello Mister Magpie!” Baby wrap warp

We are delighted to be settling back to weaving and starting the new year with a very special project. Inspiration comes from the cheeky chatty magpie. At a glance, the magpie is a brash and brazen bird in black and white. However, when you look a little closer you find a wonderfully intelligent and strong bird with stunning shimmers of blue, green and oily purple. 


The project is already underway with the winding of an organic cotton warp in black and white. Once the warp is wound, we will sley the reed and thread the heddles – then it will be time to start throwing the shuttle! We will be weaving some baby wraps that will go travelling to experienced baby wearers around Ireland – can’t wait to see how they are received! 

“Hello Mister Magpie!” Baby wrap warp

Weaving hack – what if you don’t have a warping board?

Here’s how I used to wind my warps when I first started out weaving. It’s a warping board that is simply made from hooks screwed into the wood of a cabinet. I have included a photo of how I create the cross too. Even if you don’t have hooks, you don’t have to wait – you can use pretty much anything to wind a warp. Table and chair legs, door handles, or wooden spoons shoved between books in a bookcase! Don’t let lack of equipment stop you from weaving, go for it and have fun! Happy weaving!

If you want to try out weaving on a four shaft loom but can’t afford to buy one, check out our instructions on building a four shaft table loom using cardboard and bamboo bbq skewers here.

Have you got any handy weaving hacks? Share them with us in the comments below! And be sure to connect with us on Facebook: facebook.com/susaweaving


Weaving hack – what if you don’t have a warping board?

Cork Handweavers Guild demonstration for Heritage Week 2015

As part of Heritage Week, a bunch of people who had never woven before came along to check out the Cork Handweavers Guild demonstration at Bishopstown Library. There were displays of spinning, tapestry, table loom weaving. It was a wonderful joy-filled morning. We brought along the cardboard and bamboo loom to give people a go! (For instructions on how to build this loom see our previous post here, you can also connect with us on facebook)


Mary trying her hand at weaving for the first time.


Maria weaving on the cardboard loom – isn’t her handmade crocheted top just so beautiful?


Mary and Maria were great craic altogether!


Michael gives it a go!


Passing the shuttle through the shed.


Ciara and Fionnula – hope to see you at a future guild event!


Fionnula gave weaving a go today.


The hands of many different brand new weavers contributed to this piece.


This section was woven by two young sisters, Grace and Lydia. They took to it so naturally, it was such a joy to see!

Cork Handweavers Guild demonstration for Heritage Week 2015